Fitness, Cancer, Tracking Past and Future Trends


What is the change coming for dance aerobics (as it was once called)?

How can we “flip the switch,” to make a workout something we “get” to do, rather than “have to do?”Join Petra Kolber, a two-time cancer survivor, IDEA Instructor of the Year 2001 recipient, international fitness presenter and motivational speaker. A champion for all women at every stage of their life, Petra has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and believes movement is a tool that allows us to see our true potential. She currently serves as Creative Director for Batuka (find out what that is when you listen in–

  • “If used wisely, fitness can be way for us to recognize who we are and how we show up in the world,” asserts the effervescent Petra (
  • “I did my most magnificent living when I had cancer as it totally changed my outlook on working out.”

Journey with us back 20 years to the early and heady days of dance aerobics. Travel through the upsurge of equipment, complex routines, “pre-choreographed branded programs” and back again with this survivor, leader, and industry insider!

Then listen to this trendspotter predict the next group fitness wave –Back to the Future. Will you be part of the fitness future?

Petra leaves us with 4 takeaway points on how fitness can enrich our lives. They are worth traveling through time to hear! Your future will be better for it!

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