Bike Riding 76 Miles Per Day at 76 Years Young


When talking with long distance bike riders, the word “SAG”  does not refer to muscle tone for sure! Longtime self-described “fitness nut” Hank Darlington, has his Support And Gear van all lined up for a big adventure he is undertaking. He and 25 others are bike riding from Maine to Florida.

“To see our country from a bicycle seat, at 16 miles an hour, is an amazing experience!” Hank exclaims.

Why is Hank Darlington embarking on a long distance bike journey … especially at 76 years young??!! To raise funds for a cause, of course!

What is DPHA and why is he raising money for it?

After retiring from a successful retail business career, as owner of a high-end kitchen and bath showroom, you’d think he gear down, not up. (Ha ha cracking ourselves up here) Heck no. Why, two years ago he rode from LA to Boston. Half the year he heads to Mexico, where he kayaks regularly.

  • At his age and activity level, how does he stay fit for such adventures?
  • What does a typical day look like during Hank’s Maine to Florida journey?

Calories beyond imagination, early wake-ups, mountains and hills, rain, massage at the end, and early bedtimes. This will all sound fun when you hear Hank’s interview.

Follow his ride progress at CrossCountryRider.

Donate at DPHA Scholarship Donations.

Check out his sponsor, Mr Steam at!

Alexandra proposes skipping the bike ride and getting straight to the steam room and hotel spa. You could also go straight to our site, Fun and Fit.