Was Your Last Bikini Summer 30 Pounds Ago?


Want to lose weight? More to the point, want to keep weight OFF once and for all? ”

“Get a friend who will be honest with you,” advises professional speaker, Mary Ellen Rinaldi who approaches “Life Lessons Through Laughter.”

Mary Ellen went through a lot of gigs and presentations helping others achieve what they desire. But the extra 30 pounds she was carrying were weighing her down inside and out. Finally a friend asked why she kept sabotaging herself, especially when her speaking career was taking off.

As she put her weight loss process onstage and in the public eye,

  • what did she learn that can help you?
  • What is “the Safe Zone” for resisting tempting treats that taunt us?
  • And exactly what does she mean by having passed the “Last Bikini Summer?”

Want to laugh? Want to lose weight? Want to hear a Rhode Island accent and try to figure out how it differs from a Brooklyn, NY accent? Listen in to this entertaining and informative interview with Mary Ellen Rinaldi. She began her speaking career as a stand-up comic working the country’s top comedy clubs. Since then, she has taken her rare combination of humor, speaking skills, and natural storytelling abilities to companies and audiences as a motivational speaker.

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