Palliative Care and Quality of Life

Palliative care… it’s for the living.  And today on Life Love & Health: Special Edition, Executive Producer Christopher Springmann talks with Dr. Tanya Stewart, Medical Director for Community Home Health & Hospice in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon, who explains how the definition of palliative care has changed and expanded. Visionary organizations like the Regence Foundation in Portland are actively seeking to create awareness of palliative care as a holistic approach to curative care, too, and thus drive demand for these medical services. “Palliative care,” says Dr. Stewart, “can be accessed by any person at any age for any illness, not just thinking about cancer, thinking about heart failure, and advanced lung disease, even dementia.  It’s taking into consideration the patient and family.  We look at the values that patients have.  We try to get to know the human being behind the illness, and then pair those values with a treatment option.”

Segment A (0:00 – 11:00)
Life Love & Health: Special Edition Executive Producer Christopher Springmann speaks with Dr. Tanya Stewart about how quality of life is the cornerstone of palliative care.

Segment B (11:01 – 22:00)
Dr. Tanya Stewart on illness and the human spirit

More about Tanya Stewart
Dr. Tanya Lugliani Stewart, M.D., FAAHPM serves as the Medical Director for Community Home Health & Hospice in southwest Washington and northwest Oregon. She earned her B.A. from University of San Diego and her M.D. from Tufts University School of Medicine. After training in internal medicine at Legacy Health System in Portland, Oregon, she worked as attending physician and medical director in practices and programs specializing in women’s health and in geriatric and palliative care. Dr. Stewart has published and spoken on numerous aspects of palliative care and has a long, successful history as a public policy advocate in her field.

To learn more about the Regence Foundation, click HERE!

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