Modeling Health for our Kids and Grandkids


Listed by the Huffington Post as one of the Top 16 health experts to follow on Twitter (@kehagiaras), Eleni Kehagiaras owns Get Fit Training in Portland, OR, is the developer of the Get Fit Challenge app, has a live daily radio show – Get Fit Now – and is in charge of the first U.S. Hit to Fitâ„¢. location.

A personal functional fitness and athletic trainer, Eleni speaks with Fun & Fit about creating healthy habits in our children and grandchildren.

* Make exercise play, not work

* Do activities together, because kids do as you do, not as you say

* Let them choose activities they enjoy; be ready to try different things

* Be a role model in what you do and eat

* Share your thinking and decision-making process so they can see how you make choices about food and exercise

* Occasional incentives work; not bribes

* Educate them that strong foods make strong bodies

* Help them choose like-minded friends

And, not surprisingly, the most effective way to help children emulate your healthy, active lifestyle is to spend time with them!

At Fun and Fit, we know all about family time together, because we’ve been hanging out with each other since before birth! Check us out if you really want to know which twin was born first (hint, it’s the active one with great nutritional habits)!