Fit Trips Around the World with Fitness Globetrotter, Fred Hoffman


Not kissing a princess in Kuwait; not really knowing much about Cricket in India despite being asked to train the players, and not regretting 22 years of teaching fitness around the world — such is part of 2007 IDEA Instructor of the Year, Fred Hoffman’s story.

* What can you expect when you travel abroad and want to exercise?
* What are some cultural differences country to country in the workout world?
* What is Fred’s number one suggestion for travel and exercise?

Fun and Fit caught Fred on one of his visits to the US and asked him to share insider, globetrotter, fit tips and anecdotes.

Fred Hoffman is the International Education Development Director for Batuka, an American who has been teaching and training in France, and a recent author of Going Global: An Expert’s Guide to Working Abroad in the International Fitness Industry.  He has presented at conventions, conducted teacher training, and consulted in health clubs and spas in nearly 50 countries on 6 continents.

You can find Fred, his book, and his well-regarded exercise DVDs at and through Or take his step or Batuka Dance class next time you are in Paris. Even better, listen to him on our radio show then pack your bags and be active internationally!

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