Episode 5 QB Pass the Ball

Today you will advance the ball by adding these terms and explanations to your football lexicon so you can Talk the Talk!

1ST Down: The quarterback and his offense have 4 tries to move the ball 10 Yards. They start with the first down and each try where they do not make at least 10 Yards the Down changes

2nd Down: If the QB and his offense did not move the ball 10 yards on their first try this is their second try to do so

3rd Down: If the QB and his offense don’t advance the ball a total of 10 yards or more on the third try they get one more try to do so. But if the QB thinks they won’t make the 10 Yards on the next try, he instructs the punter to kick the ball and then the other team’s offense takes over

4th Down: The QB can go for the 1st Down by gaining enough yards to total 10Yards since the first try (on 1st Down) or he can elect to have the punter punt the ball to the other team rather than risk not making a 1st Down

Receiver: An offensive player permitted to catch a QB’s forward pass

Forward Pass: The QB has 3 types of eligible receivers to catch a forward pass: wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs

Interception: When the QB throws a forward pass and the other team’s (defensive players) catch the ball instead. When an interception occurs the ball immediately goes to the other team’s offense…not a good result for the QB.

Supporting Players that help the QB rack up points:

1.    Wide Receiver: can catch the QB’s forward pass

2.    Tight Ends: can catch the QB’s forward pass

3.    Running Back: can catch the QB’s forward pass or take the hand off of the ball from the QB to him so that he can run with it

Fresh out of Villanova Law School Susan worked at a corporate law firm in Philadelphia and also served as the legal counsel of the Philadelphia Eagles. After several years at the Eagles she became the Vice President and acting general manager of the franchise—the only woman to ever hold all three positions with a professional football team.

Susan learned everything a woman needs to know about football during the 5 years she spent with the Eagles. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Watched a ton of football games and sat in with coaches when they reviewed game films and picked players’ performance apart
  • After raising ticket prices for the first time in 10 years she became public enemy number 1 with Eagles ticket holders
  • By changing the press luncheons from steak to hot dogs the press gave her the title of “the wicked witch of the vet” (Eagles stadium was  named Veterans Stadium)
  • As the spokesperson for the Eagles she was often booed and once received a 10 minute standing boo from several hundred males at a prestigious award ceremony
  • Once the fans knew her car as she drove out of the stadium they often pelted her car with eggs
  • Through it all she negotiated players’ contracts, worked with the coaching staff, scouts, trainers, and video crew, and represented the Eagles at many of the NFL league meetings
  • Susan made many friends in football and credits her success to knowing how to talk football
About Susan Spencer

Susan T. Spencer is one of a kind. She was an entrepreneur and business professional before many women had the confidence to play with the men in the big leagues. Her companies had combined revenues of 50 million dollars.

Before the age of 40 she was a mother, former school teacher, business owner, and lawyer and GM of the Philadelphia Eagles football team. For more than 20 years she owned and operated 3 meat processing companies and was known as “that meat lady” because she was the only woman owner in the meat processing business that sold most of the fast food restaurants in the US and overseas.

Susan earned her BA from Boston University, her MA from Hofstra University, and her law degree from Villanova University.

Susan currently mentors, coaches, lectures, blogs, and advises many large organizations. Her main area of attention is women and business; including such topics as access to capital, starting a woman’s banking program, and creative financing for small business.

Susan is also the Host of Business Buzz on WomensRadio. Business Buzz keeps it real. Hot business topics, and cool guests sharing advice, plus sizzling tips about women’s skills and talents. Join in to be part of women on the move!