Bond and Bail: Staying In Shape In India In Jail


When California girl, Heather Bond and her mom checked into a small airport for their flight home from India, they were suddenly arrested and thrown into prison. The first 24 hours, they thought their biggest issue was missing their flight. Months later, they were still in India, in jail.

*Two outdoor spigots served all water and plumbing needs (yes, ALL);
*One outfit was all Heather had throughout;
*Three and a half months went by in unimaginable conditions.

It all adds up to a riveting story and a person who came out stronger than ever.

>How did Heather stay mentally and physically strong not knowing what was going on, how long she would be held, and sharing a small space with 25 other female prisoners, only one of whom spoke English?>Why did she work out in the Indian prison when she was losing too much weight already from lack of sufficient food?

>How did she stay fit given no equipment, 100 degree weather, high humidity and only an hour a day in the yard?

Once Heather got released, she turned her experience into a positive one you can take advantage of through Healing Adventure Retreats.

Join her, hear more of her story, and do something transformative for yourself in Santa Barbara at Lake Cachuma Sept 17-18. Call Heather at (805) 448-7470 to get more info about her retreats (for women only) or go to her website,

Heather has been in the health and fitness industry for 22 years. Her adventures and competitions have taken her all over the world (though almost not back this last time!). A former firefighter and EMT, Heather is now a Bodyguide, and certified adventure specialist, Reality Based Certified Professional (RBC) and owner of Healing Adventure Retreats.

Fun and Fit claim her as a neighbor and fellow fitness pro! Listen in and claim to feel lucky to have your freedom to work out!