The Top 5 Tips to Creating Financially Savvy Teens


This information isn’t typically taught in our schools. It’s up to parents to empower and educate their kids with money smarts. Teen Money Coach, Patti Handy will share money tips and tools that will put our kids on the path to prosperity.

More about Patti Handy
As a speaker, author and founder of Teens Cash Coach™, Money Coach, Patti Handy is determined to teach one million teens how to master money. From school assemblies to boot camps for teens, she engages, entertains and empowers teens to create the life they deserve. Patti’s quick wit and sense of humor make all her presentations interesting and fun experiences for teens.

Her book, How to Ditch Your Allowance and be Richer Than Your Parents, was originally written for her own teenage son, but was quickly requested from parents around the world. As a single mom, she understands the challenges, and joys, of raising a teen. For information on her products and services, including an online Money School for Parents and Teens, and to learn about a unique opportunity to teach the popular, Millionaire in the Making-The Biz Building Bootcamp for Teens, in your hometown, click HERE!


  1. I never had an allowance. At 13, I got a paper round and have been working ever since. An allowance doesn’t teach kids anything, so kudos to this parent for getting rid of it.