The Happy Wednesday Broadcast!


Tune in and empower yourself in just two (2) minutes!

Today’s quote

“Let a man radically alter his thoughts,
and he will be astonished
at the rapid transformation it will effect
in the material conditions of his life.”
~James Allen

Today’s Thoughts

Are you familiar with the universal law called the “Law of Attraction“? In other words, what you think about- you bring about, or what you focus your attention on is what you attract into your life. If you are wondering if this is true, let’s put the Law of Attraction to the test.
Throughout the day today, focus your attention on low energy feelings such as fear, anger, stress and frustration. Be aware of who and what you attract. Write it down.

Now, focus your attention on high energy feelings, such as compassion, joy, love and abundance. Be aware of who and what you attract. Write it down.

Notice the difference of what you are attracting into your life?

The key to understanding the Law of Attraction is to realize you have the power within you to attract WHO and WHAT you want into your life. It’s your choice!

Have a Happy Wednesday!