Journey to a Kuwaiti Beauty Salon


Hear directly from former CA girl and current Kuwaiti businesswoman and Images Salon owner, Dr. Stacey Al-Ghawas:

What is considered beautiful in the glamorous, elegant, desert country of Kuwait?

No, they do not ride camels; no, the women do not wear burkhas; yes, you will hear some interesting cultural differences about what is considered attractive and what you can expect from a middle eastern salon experience.

From earning her PhD in Cell Biology at University of California Santa Barbara to working in the medical research field in Kuwait through the Iraq War to opening restaurants and specializing in middle eastern business development, Stacey still could not find a decent place to get her hair cut. So she opened her own full service salon offering treatments that appeal to western, Arabic, Indian, and Far Eastern women.

Discover how beauty is defined halfway across the globe.

* What is “shira” or “sugaring?”
* Why do Arabic women remove arm hair?
* Why is threading, so popular in the middle east, making its way to strip malls in the US?
* What role do eyebrows play in defining the attractive face?
* And for those of you who listen all the way through our interview of this go-getter and globally aware entrepreneur, you will hear some interesting tidbits about how your hair style can directly affect your marriage options.

Once you are done comparing the natural style of US women to the glamor of Kuwaiti women, visit us at our website, Fun and Fit. Then visit Stacey at her Images Salon! You are welcome any time (unless you are a man, then the law forbids you entry!).

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