How Can We Positively Transform Our Body & Body Image


Have you ever felt unattractive? Overweight? Bombarded by hurtful messages from those around you and your own self-talk?

Toneka Pires spent more than 20 years hearing that she was “fat and ugly.” She even believed it all that time, until one day when she’d had enough!

What 5 steps does she share with you so you can reach your highest health and exercise potential both inside and out?

How did she shift from negative to positive conversations with herself?What obstacles did she overcome to earn 13 fitness competitor titles since those sad, dark, near death days when she could not even walk?

Spend just 20 minutes listening to Toneka and you will be ready to make positive, powerful changes in your life!

Her journey has more ups and downs that the Santa Monica mountains near her home in LA where you can now spot her on billboards, tv shoes, media, and at fitness competitions.

Toneka Pires is a fitness pro, nutrition expert, co-author of a book, The Pennington Plan for Weight Success, and a life coach. She serves those wanting to make changes in their lives for the better — whether as competitors or children in need.

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