Change “How It’s Done”


Mike and Melody Brooke, married for 12 years have had a lifetime of struggles with a system that deprives children of the relationships they deserve to have had with their fathers. They realized that the  adversarial relationships system that the courts have devised places punishment on children.

Melody is a 20 plus year veteran therapist, author, and actor and Mike is a master programmer and creative genius whose wit drives the humor in THAT’S NOT HOW IT’S DONE. Together they have raised 5 amazing kids who are creative, happy and productive in the world in spite of the problems they had in the system.

Their film, THAT’S NOT HOW IT’S DONE follows three good fathers smashing up against a system that really doesn’t understand the role of fathers. It shouldn’t be a surprise that a system that encourages, even forces, parents to be adversaries is a disaster for our children.

When we started this project, we thought the stories of our three men were unique. We were wrong. Almost everyone knows stories worse than these. Still, nothing changes. We continue to cripple our children by encouraging wars between parents.

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