Boost Your Brain Power TODAY!


Yes, working out DOES help make you a brainiac! What can you do to maximize your cognitive skills?

Alexandra asks Kymberly to look into her magic medicine ball and predict the future of fitness in five years. But first, we look at the AMAZING information coming out these past five years about the effects movement has on brain power.

An abundance of new and enticing research demonstrates how activity enhances the brain. In short, exercise makes us smarter!

The Kymberly prediction? Over the next five years, boomers, midlifers, prime timers, and older adults will shift from exercising to look and feel better to exercising to maintain mental sharpness.

Be on the cutting edge with us as we take advantage of all that movement and the latest info offers!

PS Where I (K) cited the sea squid story, I meant to call it the Sea SQUIRT story. If only I’d exercised before I recorded this interview…..

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