Beauty of Water Brings Connectivity Through Art

Beauty of Water is an all-volunteer non-profit generating collaborative art experiences in communities around the world on the theme of appreciation for water. Liza Behrendt founded it with the goal of sharing her passion as a method to help people feel and express the connectivity of water while raising awareness for environmental concerns.  She travels the world as well as works within her own community, Edmonds, near Seattle Washington to inspire people to connect with their essence through art.

Liza’s arts background includes improvisational movement and theater, and she has a Master’s Degree in Transformative Learning. With professional experience in arts-based counseling, healing arts, teaching, corporate IT, and project management, she brings a holistic approach to this work.

During this interview, Liza defines Transformative Learning, and we explore the opportunities it provides for helping people and cultures connect and sustain positive change.  She is a wonderful example of taking your own passions and sharing them to help others.  There are many ways to inspire and motivate others to experience and share change, and Liza’s is through art.

Join us to hear about Beauty of Water in India.  In addition to Beauty of Water, visit these websites to learn more about integrating environmental concerns with art:

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Her life-long passion for helping others led her into nonprofit work for over a decade. Early on, she recognized the need for nonprofits to adapt to a rapidly changing world in which technology dominates and for-profit business practices are central to success. Her determination to help social causes in a sustainable way led to her creation of the Women’s Radio show Socially Conscious Investing.

Impact investing in for-profits with a mission of social change such as the fight against extreme poverty is a blossoming business sector around the world. With the economic decline, it’s clear that Wall Street requires change. Social impact investing addresses that need in a way that provides financial and social ROI.

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Twice, Robin has been recognized and received the highest honorary award that Rotary International gives, the Paul Harris Award, for service above self. Her community work has included developing local programs for disadvantaged populations such as foster children, troubled teens, and people with disabilities.

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