World Renowned Psychic, Eleanor Gronenthal, Even Helps Out The FBI!

In the futuristic megahit trilogy, The Matrix, lead character Neo pays an important visit to the Oracle, who is crucial in telling Neo whether or not he is “The One,” (to save mankind,) which is a cardinal theme of the story.

While we all hold our breath to hear the answer, the Oracle starts with a question instead, which leaves Neo ( played by Keanu Reeves ) to actually decide for himself.  (From LEFT to RIGHT in Image–Adrienne Papp and Eleanor Gronenthal).

So, how does it work then with psychics? Do we behave in a certain way because the Oracle tells us so, thus we simply fulfill the prophecy, or does the Oracle predict something that we already know except perhaps have not consciously considered? Or, maybe just did not know at the time due to our mindset and outlook on life, which we have the power to change any time, and a psychic picks up on the change we are about to make?

Eleanor Gronenthal is a world renowned psychic who has clients in almost every country. Her appointment book is filled up to the minute daily as people seek her advice on literally every human issue including FBI work, scandalous divorces and other traumatic and difficult events. She has been in the news numerous times, mainly because of her very accurate description of crime victims and perpetrators to the degree of correctly identifying names, which saves years and decades in solving otherwise cold crimes. “One named Baker or Brown…one named William – not Williams” she stressed in one session with the FBI.

But, even more than that she is invaluable in helping a person to process emotions and form a clearer picture of themselves and their life situations. Should it be a relationship issue or a business decision Eleanor is able to save time and money pointing her clients in the right direction. ” I am a combination of a psychologist and a psychic. I only use cards as a tool, but mostly I just feel the truth about a person or a situation,” she says.

“After more than 40 years, there is nothing I haven’t heard…people call who have lost a ring, or their jobs,…have a runaway kid, are in dilemma about a relationship, or even are on trial for murder.” she adds.

Taken that her clients are all over the world she does phone readings, and also accepts bookings for a face to face meeting at Tel: 805.479.6466.

She lives in Camarillo, California.

About Al Cole

Al Cole, “Mr. Romance,” has lived some life, and has paid some dues. Al, an African-American man(don’t let the blue eyes fool ya!), is the product of a very loving, very special, romantic mother and father. From the earliest age Al related to that generous, loving, romantic spirit that was nurtured in him.

Al has also seen oppression. Oppression can sometimes breed sensitivity and empathy. This aspect of living has caused Al to relate to women even more sensitively and empathetically. A sensitivity and empathy that Al calls “Romance.” Creativity rounds out the character. Al is a born and professional entertainer. Through Al’s singing and songwriting, his CBS Radio broadcasting, and through the depth of his voice, Al has learned many ways to deliver his “Romance” message—seriously, comically, sensually and spiritually. He has carried the Romantic word out to women…and to men too. And in the carrying of that message, Al has found that women and men from all backgrounds have often asked for his advice and guidance concerning their familial and romantic relationships.

Al has been particularly blessed to have women confide some of their deepest personal and relationship secrets to him. These “secrets” coupled with his own experiences and intuitions have combined in his offering both women and men some of the most powerful, enlightening, and mind-challenging guidance that they say they have ever received.

Al has been told over and over again by his fans, fans who affectionately call themselves “Al Cole-holics”, that his reflections, as well as his romantic words, could fill a book. The reflections, the romance, and the “secrets” have now been revealed in Al’s new book Romance for Women…& For All Mankind!

Al is also the Host of Al Cole: People of Distinction on WomensRadio. Al Cole: PEOPLE Of DISTINCTION is a unique show giving distinctive public figures the chance to talk not only about their great public accomplishments, but also notable aspects of themselves as individuals…what motivates them to create the things they do, their special goals and interests, their insights into life itself!