Traditional Appalachian Herbalism with Granny Sam


Susun Weed interviews herbalist, reiki practioner and author, Sam Gahagan. 30 minute on-demand radio interview.

Granny Sam is a Traditional Appalachian Herbalist practicing in the community of Little Switzerland, NC.  She began her herbal journey in 1997 after returning to the Appalachians where her family has resided for five generations. As a canine behaviorist and breeder of Akita dogs for 17 years, Granny Sam’s early herbal education centered around finding ways to improve the quality of her dogs’ lives.

Her strengths include addressing allergies, behavior problems, orthopedic problems, autoimmune disorders, and cancer in dogs and cats with herbal and nutritional approaches.  She also teaches how to use herbs and diet to maintain health and to control internal and external parasites.

In addition to attending many herbal seminars and workshops Sam has completed an herbal correspondence course with respected teacher Susun Weed, and graduated from the ASHH’s Traditional Herbalist program in 2007. She teaches classes and conducts Herb Walks in Little Switzerland, NC. Granny Sam is also available for private herbal consults for people and their pets. Granny  Sam also maintains a website where she sells hand crafted soaps and many herbal products.

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