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Roger Ellerton is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) trainer, coach and author of many books including Live Your Dreams: Let Reality Catch Up ~ NLP & Common Sense for Coaches, Managers and You.

Lynn Thompson visited Roger Ellerton at his home outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in October 2007 and this 9 minute segment covers highlights of their full 40 minute conversation.

More about Roger Ellerton
Roger Ellerton
, PhD, CMC is the founder and managing partner of Renewal Technologies Inc. He is an educator, consultant, coach, executive an well-respected speaker, with over thirty years of experience in management, management of change, process renewal, professional and personal development an training.

Roger is a certified trainer in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), as well as a certified management consultant (CMC) and former executive in the Canadian federal government. For over fifteen years Roger continues to be a student of personal development methodologies, offering seminars, courses, coaching and consulting services . Along with Su Thomas and John Sweetnam, Roger is offering the 2011 NLP Practitioner Certification Training in Victoria, April 15 – 21.

About Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson was raised in Ontario in Canada, living in Ottawa through her early school years.  After graduating from McMaster University (Hamilton Ontario) with a B.A. (Philosophy) in 1978, she traveled west by train across Canada with several stops along the way. For many years, Lynn was based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, growing as a writer, photographer, postal courier and radio host. In June 2012, Lynn followed the highway to her roots in Ottawa. Lynn is now based north of Toronto, with her focus on collaborative creative projects including being the editor for numerous writers.

Lynn’s launch into broadcasting began in 2004 on community campus radio in Nanaimo, BC with the talk show Living on Purpose.  Since 2007 Lynn is the Host of Living on Purpose on WomensRadio, offering listeners a nourishing blend of ideas and conversation with guests who include authors, musicians, healers, and philosophers, welcoming both new and established voices.


  1. Speaking of linguistic, as my nlp trainer told us, ‘language, or linguistics is our middle name’ and nlp communication strategies will help you to become a more effective communicator and have a better idea about what is happening when people are talking to you.Did you think communication was just about the words you say? No, it’s a whole load more than that. In face only a very small part of any communication is based on the words said. There are lots of non-verbal clues going on that your subconscious mind is picking up and reacting to that you may be completely unaware of.

  2. You buy any computer and you will get instructions. Now you may read them, or you may be like me and just get stuck in. Incidentally, learning about meta programs will help you to understand these different approaches. It’s no accident that people do what they do. Everything we do is controlled by our subconscious mind, which has safely stored all of your experiences and uses them to create a set of values and beliefs. These determine what you do and how you will respond in any given situation. Your subconscious mind even uses them to determine what you should be made aware of. Developing a good understanding of these processes give you the opportunity to influence change in yourself or others. That’s an incredibly powerful tool.

  3. NLP techniques can change your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine. That’s quite a bold statement, but one that I think is absolutely valid.Sitting on top of our shoulders we all have the most powerful computer/processor you can imagine. Despite the great achievements of man, we have yet to develop anything that comes even close. Yet, we are never taught to use it. So, you can think of nlp as a user manual for the brain.

  4. With the many options and decisions we are faced with, it is but inevitable to seek the empowerment of the self-our innate self. To do such implies an act of cognition that allows the self to be nourished in lieu of the many demands of the external world. More so, it further highlights the fact of avoiding temporary happiness. Simply put, the moment we let ourselves experience the intensity of what the world has to offer, we become resilient and flexible at the same time.

  5. The more we ponder on the unknown, the more questions we have. The more what if’s we formulate, the more desperate we become. Keeping abreast with our depression sometimes leads to distraction and even more frustration in the self. We end up braving up on defeat and turning all coward with the unknown. In other words, we let the curtain down without even taking a step forward.

  6. Of what we are afraid of, that is the question. We create a certain vacuum in our minds that enables us to let go of what the reality might be. We question and doubt our capability even without testing the waters. In other words, we would rather assume than try; give up than step out of our box.

  7. There are many more NLP techniques that can be used; however it is important that you find the two or three that work best for you, and practice them until they are perfection. If NLP selling techniques are used correctly you could quickly see your sales numbers start to rise. A good sales person will stay on top of their game, using anything at their disposal to make them better, and increase sales. Using NLP selling techniques will put you on top of the game.

  8. Above all the most valuable NLP technique is to make sure you, the sales person, are ready to help your customer. Make sure you are in the right state of mind. Leave all of your personal baggage outside the door, and mentally prepare to make the sale. All the techniques in the world cannot help if you are not ready to use them.