Dr. Loraine Stern, Continues to Talk About Children’s Health & the Sensuality of the Female Body on Cole & Noble!

Dr. Loraine Stern is a brilliant Medical Doctor who likes to adventurously and imaginatively blend science with an intellectual and spiritual bent. In this regard, she has the same kind of creative spirit as Cole & Noble!

Dr. Loraine Stern has every reason to be proud of her medical career, which includes work as a Woman’s Day columnist for over 20 years, regular contributions to Proctor & Gamble’s website, and half a dozen books on children’s health, including the popular Off to a Great Start.

But one career was not quite enough for Dr. Stern. She also chose to explore her artistic side by portraying the female body in sensual drawings. She harmonizes artistic instincts and the love of science and excels in each without compromising either, a rare balance in today’s world. The end-result is brilliant, her work is exquisite, and is admired by fellow artists and art enthusiasts equally.

Merging of the Sciences with the Arts…that’s what Dr. Loraine Stern is all about…and that’s what Cole & Noble is all about too! So it is indeed our pleasure to welcome another kindred spirit to our show!

Check out Dr. Loraine’s beautiful art by clicking HERE and visit Dr. Loraine’s art at Spotlight Media Productions.

About Al Cole

Al Cole, “Mr. Romance,” has lived some life, and has paid some dues. Al, an African-American man(don’t let the blue eyes fool ya!), is the product of a very loving, very special, romantic mother and father. From the earliest age Al related to that generous, loving, romantic spirit that was nurtured in him.

Al has also seen oppression. Oppression can sometimes breed sensitivity and empathy. This aspect of living has caused Al to relate to women even more sensitively and empathetically. A sensitivity and empathy that Al calls “Romance.” Creativity rounds out the character. Al is a born and professional entertainer. Through Al’s singing and songwriting, his CBS Radio broadcasting, and through the depth of his voice, Al has learned many ways to deliver his “Romance” message—seriously, comically, sensually and spiritually. He has carried the Romantic word out to women…and to men too. And in the carrying of that message, Al has found that women and men from all backgrounds have often asked for his advice and guidance concerning their familial and romantic relationships.

Al has been particularly blessed to have women confide some of their deepest personal and relationship secrets to him. These “secrets” coupled with his own experiences and intuitions have combined in his offering both women and men some of the most powerful, enlightening, and mind-challenging guidance that they say they have ever received.

Al has been told over and over again by his fans, fans who affectionately call themselves “Al Cole-holics”, that his reflections, as well as his romantic words, could fill a book. The reflections, the romance, and the “secrets” have now been revealed in Al’s new book Romance for Women…& For All Mankind!

Al is also the Host of Al Cole: People of Distinction on WomensRadio. Al Cole: PEOPLE Of DISTINCTION is a unique show giving distinctive public figures the chance to talk not only about their great public accomplishments, but also notable aspects of themselves as individuals…what motivates them to create the things they do, their special goals and interests, their insights into life itself!