Purposefully: Love Is

Jewel (Julia Day) is certified as a CranioSacral Therapist, a Soul Directed Energy Healer & Teacher, a Spiritual Healing Practitioner & ordained Inner Focus Minister.

Lynn Thompson welcomed Jewel to be her guest by phone during the ‘live’ Living on Purpose on CHLY on August 18, 2009. In this 20 minute conversation you will learn about Jewel’s purposeful path in life, how love is in this moment: the only moment there is. She also shares information about the story behind Gary Renard as author and speaker in events based on A Course in Miracles.

More about Jewel
“My practice is grounded in an 8 year professional training I undertook in the 1990’s called Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing. It aligns us with our Inner Teacher (or spiritual Self) through our vertical axis and heart, encouraging the unconditional love, light and wisdom of our unchanging eternal nature to flood and anchor into our ‘me’ consciousness as a person/body. This happy alignment within transforms our challenges into transcendent opportunities to experience greater enlightenment, peace and unity awareness in place of pain, blame, fear and suffering. CranioSacral Therapy is another wonderful healing modality from the point of view of Spirit. It soothes, revitalizes and re-calibrates our central nervous system by blending with the tissues & cerebral-spinal fluid that flow through the core (vertical axis again) of our seemingly physical self. I also host & arrange A Course In Miracles workshops & study groups aimed at lovingly undoing the ego through choosing quantum forgiveness. For me, all healing is ultimately spiritual because, deep in our unconscious mind, all of our pain originates from the mistaken idea of imagined separation from what we really are; perfect Oneness with our True Self/Source.”

About Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson was raised in Ontario in Canada, living in Ottawa through her early school years.  After graduating from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario) with a B.A. (Philosophy) in 1978, she traveled west by train across Canada with several stops along the way. For many years, Lynn was based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, growing as a writer, photographer, postal courier and radio host. In June 2012, Lynn followed the highway to her roots in Ottawa. Lynn is based in Aurora (north of Toronto) since 2018, happily involved in collaborative creative projects and editing for numerous writers.

Lynn launched into radio broadcasting in 2004 on CHLY in Nanaimo, BC (community campus station) as host and producer of talk show Living on Purpose. Since 2007, Living on Purpose is featured on WomensRadio, where Lynn offers listeners a nourishing blend of ideas and conversation with guestsauthors, musicians, healers, and philosopherswelcoming both new and established voices.