Eliminate Violence Against Women


November 25th. For many Americans, this is Thanksgiving.  Sadly, this date, November 25th, holds energy of a violent event.  It marks the day, in 1960, that the The Mirabal Sisters, Patria, Minerva, and Maria Teresa, were assassinated for their outspoken resistance to the dictatorship of the Dominican Republic.

Remembered as the “Inolvidables Mariposas”, the “Unforgettable Butterflies,” the sisters serve as a symbol against victimization of women. Honored since their 1960 deaths through poetry, song, and literature, the Mirabal sisters’ struggle for freedom has inaugurated the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, recognized in 1999 by the United Nations.

Six years ago, musician and activist, MamaCoAtl, decided that she had to make a stand for the sake of her young daughter. She saw the violence all around from her home in Mexico to the new home she was building in San Francisco, CA.

The 2010 event will begin on November 23rd and continue until December 10th. She invites others to join in taking a stand against the escalating violence that is being targeted toward women in our world.

This years events in San Francisco.

Credit for introductory music, One World, Karie Hillery.


  1. There are so many amazing women who are taking stands and moving our world forward into a time of grace, love, joy and safety.
    I am glad that you enjoyed this article.