“The Ring” on Purpose – Part 4

Tell Me, Grandmother has come back to life as The Ring with a new cover, new information, and more than 110 additional pictures, both archival and modern, and dedicated to Marion Dowler who, sadly, died during its production. This book emphasizes the ring that Sam Livingston had given to Jane Howse on the day of his funeral and which now can be seen in a special display at Glenbow Museum in Calgary. Such is the magic of books that miracles can happen and you will learn how Tell Me, Grandmother changed the life of one of Sam and Jane’s grandsons and his family in BC. This book is a must for anyone who lives in Alberta especially Calgary. Many landmarks in Calgary and the Rocky Mountains are named for Sam and Jane and their families.

On January 31, 2010 Lyn Hancock welcomed five of Sam and Jane’s many descendants to her home in Lantzville, where they met one another for the first  time. This15 segment features Leo Dowler and Jerry Broadbent (each of whom had their wives present for this gathering). This is the 4th in this four part series of recordings from this epic day.

More about Lyn Hancock
A long time adventurer and explorer, impassioned by her magical relationships with wild animals through the years, Lyn joyously shares her experiences with audiences of young and older enthusiasts. Using lively power point images from her laptop, laminated displays of extraordinary photographs, original documents including journals, entertaining readings and personal anecdotes, Lyn Hancock presents a lively one-hour show for large groups of students followed by smaller group(s) for discussion or customized workshop activities.

About Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson was raised in Ontario in Canada, living in Ottawa through her early school years.  After graduating from McMaster University (Hamilton Ontario) with a B.A. (Philosophy) in 1978, she traveled west by train across Canada with several stops along the way. For many years Lynn was based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, growing as a writer, photographer, postal courier and radio host. As of June 2012, Lynn, following her intuition (and the highway) has returned to her roots in Ottawa, where she continues her career in radio, photography and writing.

Lynn’s launch into broadcasting began in 2004 on community campus radio in Nanaimo with the talk show Living on Purpose.  Since 2007 Lynn is the Host of Living on Purpose on WomensRadio, offering listeners a nourishing blend of ideas and conversation with guests who include authors, musicians, healers, and philosophers, welcoming both new and established voices.