Marie Summerwood – Sacred Chants – Empowering Women to Reclaim Their Inherent Powers

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Susun Weed interviews Marie Summerwood composer of  sacred chants. Marie empowers women to reclaim their inherent powers of creation, nourishment, sexuality, old age, the wise woman way.

I am Marie Summerwood, singer of sacred music, composer and green-witch. A voice for the sacredness of the earth, of birth and death. I am a priestess who claims Mary as my sacred mother. I was born blessed by Mary. I have long been blessed by the Wise Woman Center. Marie Summerwood, writer and chant expert, empowers women in person and through her music. The chants – available on CD –  were created to help Marie on her own journey, and to reclaim recognition of the inherent sacredness of women’s powers of creation and nourishment, sexuality and old age.

Marie Summerwood teaches at the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock NY.

May 15, 2010: Sacred Heart of Mary with Marie Summerwood
We’ll gather in sacred song to Mary and be blessed by the beautiful love of Her sacred heart. Her presence is strong in circles of women like us. She loves us; come feel the love of Mary.

May 16, 2010: Chant, Chant, Chant with Marie Summerwood
Yes, that’s right, we’ll chant and chant. We’ll feel how chanting holds and heals us. Learn about breath and intention, the sacredness of women chanting together, and yes, we’ll chant.

CD’s by Marie Summerwood:

She Walks With Snakes
Women’s Sacred Chants CD

This is a collection of chants Marie Summerwood has been writing since 1989. She has long wished to give some form to the music to share it with other women. So Cherie and I gathered a group of friends and we’ve been chanting together as IN HER NAME to record this CD. We called upon our own passion to infuse this music with beauty.

We chanted in sacred circle always. These chants were created to help Marie on her own journey, and to reclaim recognition of the inherent sacredness of women’s powers of creation and nourishment, sexuality and old age. This music is sacred to women. Use it in solitary work or in a circle of women. use it to weave a container of sound for work together, and to create community as women gather all over the world to sing and open to our own power, our won beauty, our own wisdom. Please chant with us and blessed be the lives of all women. 17 chants – 1 hour –

1. In The Name; 2. I Honor What is Sacred; 3. Let It In, Let It Go; 4. Help Me Know; 5. The Beaver Song; 6. Woman of The Sacred Temple; 7. The Beauty of the Woman; 8. Beads!; 9. She Walks With Snakes; 10. Dance In a Circle of Women; 11. Deep is the Ocean; 12. Equinox Chant; 13. Imbolc Round; 14. Samhan’s Door; 15. Crone’s Chant; 16. In the Heart of My Womb; 17. Open Until Then.

Step Into The River
Women’s Sacred Chants CD

Marie’s second CD, much anticipated by many. Marie writes: Years go by. More chants, deeper relationship with the Sacred – in Her form as Isis, Medusa, Kwan Yin, Venus – nourishes me. Chanting is a strong meditation By myself, with others or with a CD. A wonderful practice that grounds and strengthens me.

1. Catherine’s Chant; 2. Divine Unfolding; 3. Ave Medusa; 4. Rock Me Moon; 5. Step Into the River; 6. Venus, Hold Me True; 7. And the Food!; 8. Let It In, Let It Go; 9. It’s Time!; 10. Isis Isis; 11. Honey in my Heart; 12. Self, Others, All; 13. Chant to Kwan Yin; 14.Goddess Rap(ture); 15. A Woman is a Spiral

Memories from the Lost Pines
A Labyrinth of Chants with Marie Summerwood

These chants were written in Bastrop Texas at a workshop called “Chantwriting for Goddesswomen”. Marie Summerwood, musical artist and teacher of women’s sacred music, led the day during which each of the 14 women present wrote her own chant.

Its Time – Goddess Chants CD

Wise Woman Center 25th Anniversary Celebration CD featuring MARIE SUMMERWOOD & other women artists with 18 Wise Woman songs and chants.

Visit to hear these songs, read lyrics, learn about the artists.

Articles by Marie Summerwood:

“Food and eating are of supreme importance to our health on every level, and to the health of our cultures and our planet. Our attitudes toward food – buying it, preparing it, eating it, etc., shape our lives (as well as our bodies) over time. Cooking at the Wise Woman Center is special because the plants are truly loved and honored; I know we taste it in the food made from them. I am grateful for eating weeds, and for cooking at the Wise Woman Center.” ~ Marie Summerwood


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