Pseudoaddiction- When Pain Management Fails


This week Dr. Gracer covers “pseudoaddiction”, a too-common condition in which a true pain patient is undertreated and starts acting just like an addict. This can happen when a person needs more medication than what is prescribed and lands up in their doctor’s office early asking for more medication; or they may find themselves in the ER. They may even start “Doctor Shopping”. Many land up in drug rehab. Meanwhile, they still are experiencing severe pain.

Doctor Gracer interviews Stan, one of his patients, whose experience may sound familiar to many of you. It illustrates how important it is for practitioners to distinguish between under-medication, drug dependency, and addiction.

This is a fascinating show that will give much important information about this important subject.

More about the Interviewee
Stan (name changed) is a former cabin attendant for Qantas airways who has suffered form severe sinus problems. He has had 5 major surgeries and is in constant pain. He has no addiction history or issues, but landed up in detox instead of getting proper pain management.

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