Archives for July 2009

Using Cranio-Electrical Stimulation for Pain Control and Relaxation

Interview with Chip Fisher on the history, theory, and practical use of Cranio-Electrical Stimulation for pain, depression, and anxiety control.

“Organ Transplant on Purpose”

Serge Vaillancourt is a strong proponent for the miracles that are possible from giving permission for organ transplant.

“DreamingBear On Purpose”

Spoken word artist, author, peace advocate DreamingBear elegantly blends quantum understandings of the universe with inner expressions of the heart.

“Purposeful Tozan Community”

The Tozan on Vancouver Island in Canada, one of three wood-fired kilns in the world, has been re-built and opened at Tamagawa University in Cedar.

Health, Medicine and You

Len Saputo, MD, and Dr. Gracer discuss integrative medicine and the concept of how Health Medicine differs from the traditional medical paradigm.

“Animal Communication and Healing on Purpose”

Karen Elise Nowak: author, lecturer, communicator/healer, veterinary consultant. Since the mid-1990’s she professionally communicates with animals

Nutritional Treatment of Addiction and Pain

How nutritional treatment can augment or even replace medication in treating addiction and pain problems.

“Telepathy on Purpose”

Rachel Cooper is part of a team conducting studies on telepathic connections between parents and children.