Archives for March 2009

Learn How to Use Your Own Body’s Healing Power with Prolotherapy

Dr. Gracer interviews Ross Hauser, MD, one of the major authors on prolotherapy, and a member of Gracer Medical Group.

“Eating on Purpose”

Mia Sutherland’s new book “On a Desperate Journey” shares stories of food through voices of women.

The Serene Center: Ilustrating a New Approach to Overcoming Substance Abuse

Andrew Martin, the founder and director of the Serene Center in Long Beach, CA, shares some of the reasons behind the Serene Center’s success with achieving long-term success with treating substance abuse.

“A Purposeful Treatment Plan”

Richard Gracer MD is the author of “A New Prescription for Addiction: A Comprehensive Treatment Plan”.

The San Francisco Recovery School Helps Those in Recovery to Help Themselves

Dr. Gracer hosts Preston Fordstom, the founder of the San Francisco Recovery School, who shares how the Recovery School’s program helps ex-users develop a mindset that helps them stay clean.

“Being the Strong Man” on Purpose

Elliott Katz of Toronto, Ontario Canada is the author of “Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants – Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man”.

Buprenorphine: A Safe Solution for Opioid Addiction

Dr. Richard Gracer and Kathleen Gargano, R.N. explore Buprenorphine treatment, and the attributes that make this new treatment so revolutionary.

“Purposefully Power Lifting”

Rhona Heaslip became the first woman in professional Power Lifting by a ‘twist of fate’, and now is passionate about being a mentor for other women.