“Urban Flute Purposefully on the Move”

With a love of teaching and chamber music, Toronto-based flutist Jamie Thompson has performed as both soloist and chamber musician in Canada and the United States, and continues to be active as a Freelance Musician, Teacher, Adjudicator and Clinician, specializing in community outreach, multi-media events and creative, performance-preparation workshops and coaching sessions

Jamie began playing flute in Ottawa, and then studied with Vicki Blechta in Toronto, and continued with Louis Moyse in both Toronto and Brattleboro, Vermont. Extensive coaching and private instruction were sustained over many years with Robert Aitken and Douglas Stewart in Toronto and at ‘Music at Shawnigan’, a chamber music festival held annually on Vancouver Island. Advanced Studies in Music were completed at The Banff Centre, as well as at The Royal Conservatory of Music and the University of Toronto, with such reknowned teachers and coaches as Luciano Berio, Greta Kraus, Marcel Moyse, and Aurele Nicolet.

Created in 2006, Urban Flute Project offers a unique perspective on our city, a convenient yet provocative way to get to know forgotten aspects Toronto in the midst of unprecedented renewal and change – a chance to celebrate the diversity and richness of even temporary spaces (through demolition as pictured here) that might otherwise be overlooked in the rush of the day-to-day.

Mythic, abandoned tunnels under the city and a long-standing desire to record flute music deep in these hidden, resonant spaces…Urban Flute Project comes from this original instinct to explore the trove of acoustic recesses in and around Toronto, and sculpts out new meaning and relevance for music-making in our modern day-and-age.

“Urban Flute Project weaves together so much of what I cherish and hold of value about Toronto: history and heritage, architechtural renewal and preservation, parks and wonderful ravines, diverse causes and organizations: all of which offer a myriad of acoustical spaces in which to explore and perform music.”

In 2007 Jamie’s project has expanded to include a variety of other musical performances in “urban wilds”, as well as “chance” recordings while traveling through the United States and Canada. “The city’s ambient sounds a canvas…”

This 55 minute segment is a recent phone conversation between Lynn Thompson (in B.C. Canada) and her brother Jamie Thompson (in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) with brief improvisational flute recordings woven through afterwards.

Jamie’s wish to you, the listener: Enjoy!

More information and recordings: UrbanFlute.com

Portrait of Jamie by: JamesLahey.com

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About Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson was raised in Ontario in Canada, living in Ottawa through her early school years.  After graduating from McMaster University (Hamilton Ontario) with a B.A. (Philosophy) in 1978, she traveled west by train across Canada with several stops along the way. For many years, Lynn was based on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, growing as a writer, photographer, postal courier and radio host. In June 2012, Lynn followed the highway to her roots in Ottawa. Lynn is now based north of Toronto, with her focus on collaborative creative projects including being the editor for numerous writers.

Lynn’s launch into broadcasting began in 2004 on community campus radio in Nanaimo, BC with the talk show Living on Purpose.  Since 2007 Lynn is the Host of Living on Purpose on WomensRadio, offering listeners a nourishing blend of ideas and conversation with guests who include authors, musicians, healers, and philosophers, welcoming both new and established voices.